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    18-IN-BLOCKS de Alphons EYCKMANS

    A challenge to disassemble !



    The 18-in-Block is a burr of 18 pieces. All the pieces are rectangular, which makes for an almost cubic shaped puzzle.

    Like the previous games of Alphons EYCKMANS such as the Phelan or the CannichThe goal is to be able to disassemble it. It is advisable to note the location of each part as you go along, as there are no less than 65386 ways of reassembling them for a single solution.
    But the difference with the two previous ones is that it is much easier, without reaching the simplicity of a 6-piece cross.

    This puzzle was made of Sycamore, red Padouk, Wacapou and Difou. The games are thus an assembly of 3 of these woods.
    They were polished and waxed with a wax that gave them a warm and light rose patina, pleasant to the touch.
    All copies are signed by Maurice Vigouroux.

    You will find an article on this game written by Guillaume on this link

    Difficulty to disassemble : 7/10

    Difficulty to reassemble : 10-10

    Movements :

    Wood : Sycamore, padouk, wacapou, difou

    The game is delivered without solution. On request, a BURRTOOL file will be sent to you by e-mail.

    Many thanks to Alfons EYCKMANS for his kind permission.


    ARTELUDES Review : A real challenge to disassemble. 

    Additional information

    Weight 320 g
    Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

    EYCKMANS Alfons



    Difficulty level

    Niveau 7, Niveau 10

    Type of Puzzle

    Burr, Jeux en bois


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