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    BLOCAGE - de Stephane CHOMINE

    Reissue of a classic by Stéphane CHOMINE. A must have.



    BLOCKAGE : Re-edition of a burr by Stéphane CHOMINE directed by Maurice VIGOUROUX.

    This is a small burr of 6 pieces whose movements are constrained by a wooden cage. This condition allows this burr to reach a high level of complexity: it takes 34 movements in total to dismantle this set.

    This puzzle was originally made by the company PELIKAN a few years ago. Since we couldn't get our hands on one, we made a few more for our own use and yours 😉

    All colors are natural. The woods are only polished and lightly waxed. Here, Maurice VIGOUROUX has created different versions: Difou (yellow) with a teak cage; Amarante (purple) with a teak cage.

    These games are made by hand. They can present slight defects related to the imperfections of wood which is a natural product but which do not hinder their aestheticism and their operation. This is particularly true for the games in Amaranth.

    A Burrtool file for disassembly and reassembly is available upon request.

    Many thanks to Stéphane CHOMINE for his kind permission. 


    ARTELUDES Review : Here is a puzzle that despite its small number of pieces is of a high level. 

    Additional information

    Weight 160 g
    Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

    CHOMINE Stéphane



    Difficulty level

    Level 6

    Type of Puzzle

    Burr, Jeux en bois


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