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    BURR 18 VIGOUROUX - micro modèle

    The most famous puzzle of Maurice VIGOUROUX in its micro version. Good luck to play with it because it is so small.



    Here is a demonstration of virtuosity by Maurice VIGOUROUX.

    This is a re-edition of the puzzle that Maurice VIGOUROUX created many years ago. Today, Maurice VIGOUROUX declines this model in a tiny version in black ebony.

    This puzzle, an 18 piece burr, has no empty space inside and all pieces are different.

    The parts are tiny, the unit voxel is 1.5 mm!

    This puzzle is not really difficult to undo. It is, however, tricky to reassemble. In addition to intelligence, you'll also need to compete with skill. Each element is tiny and you will have to use matches and fine tweezers to have a chance to undo and reassemble it. Be sure to have a lot of patience and an appointment with your eye doctor, because you might get cross-eyed from concentrating on such a small game. Translated with (free version)

    Of course the price is not related to the quantity of wood This puzzle weighs only 1.5 grams. The price corresponds to the time of work which was necessary to carry out it.

    This puzzle will be delivered in its small presentation case on which Maurice Vigouroux has inscribed his monogram.

    Difficulty to disassemble : 2/10

    Difficulty to reassemble : 8/10

    Weight 1,5 gr.

    Size of one element 12x3x3 mm


    The game is delivered without its solution. A solution is available by mail on request.

    Other versions of the same set exist : in mini size in precious woods and in large size.


    ARTELUDES Review : A true demonstration of virtuosity. Never start unpacking it if you don't have patience to spare and fingers like a fairy. 

    Additional information

    Weight 10 g
    Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm

    VIGOUROUX Maurice


    VIGOUROUX Maurice

    Difficulty level

    Niveau 2, Niveau 8

    Type of Puzzle

    Burr, Jeux en bois


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