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    Cast BAROQ - Huzzle

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    Cast BAROQ – Huzzle

    This puzzle consists of 2 pieces of similar shape that must be separated. At first impossible, its slow manipulation will allow you to progress little by little towards its resolution.  Rarely, it is just as difficult to reassemble as to separate. According to the brand, its difficulty is 4/6

    Creation of the Japanese Akio Yamamoto. This designer indicates that his inspiration for the design of these pieces came from the music of JS BACH, in his pieces where the musical themes interpenetrate before separating in the end. This is the case of this puzzle in which you have to gather the pieces to separate them in a last and final movement.

    Huzzle is the new trade name of the Hanayama brand.

    ARTELUDES Review : Much more difficult than it seems, this game requires a long manipulation to get the hang of. Its very nice finish makes it a game to keep in your pocket to keep your hands busy during transportation or long trips. 

    Additional information

    Weight 130 g
    Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 cm


    Difficulty level

    Level 4

    Type of Puzzle

    Metal Puzzle


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