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    Cast ENIGMA - Huzzle

    The most difficult from HUZZLE ! a MUST !



    Cast ENIGMA- Huzzle

    This puzzle consists of 3 pieces that must be separated. At first glance, this seems impossible.

    Invented in the USA in 1975, this puzzle remained unknown for a long time or was considered impossible to solve. And yet it can be solved. It is very challenging.

    Contrary to what you might think, no force is needed to solve it. If the pieces don't simply separate, you are in the wrong position.  The funny thing is that if you think it's easier to separate the last 2 pieces once the first one is removed, it's not the case at all. You're still going to have a lot of trouble.

    This game is also very difficult to redo, especially if you have not kept an image of the initial position.

    According to the brand its difficulty is 6/6. It is closer to 7/6 because it is a much higher difficulty level than the rest of the range of this brand.

    Creation of Eldon VAUGHN.


    Huzzle is the new trade name of the Hanayama brand.


    ARTELUDES Review : Definitely the most complicated of the Huzzle range. It is almost impossible... Really!  To offer to your colleague that you don't like or to offer to yourself for a big challenge at a small price. 

    Additional information

    Weight 150 g
    Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 cm


    Difficulty level

    Level 7

    Type of Puzzle

    Metal Puzzle


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