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    Cast MARBLE - Huzzle



    Cast MARBLE – Huzzle

    This puzzle consists of 4 elements that must be separated. The shape of the pieces is extremely unusual. Cutting them is not very intuitive and will give you a lot of trouble to separate the sphere from its base. Don't forget that you will have to put everything back in place afterwards. This will not be easy.

    According to the brand its difficulty is 5/6

    Creation of a designer duo : Oskar VAN DEVENTER and Bram COHEN


    Huzzle is the new trade name of the Hanayama brand.


    ARTELUDES Review : The duo between Oskar VAN DEVENTER and Bram COHEN shows here all the interest of a collaboration between different authors. The result is magnificent and you will be amazed at the work it took to find the exact shape of each piece. 

    Additional information

    Weight 200 g
    Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 cm


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