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    Cast SLIDER - Huzzle

    Intriguing and endless, this puzzle by Vesa Timonen will keep you entertained.



    Cast SLIDER – Huzzle

    This puzzle consists of 3 pieces that must be separated. It appears extremely simple. The moves are obvious and easy to do. However, you will often repeat the same moves without getting anywhere. You will have to sit down, think, understand the game to be able to solve it. You can't solve it by chance. And then you will have to reassemble it 🙂

    According to the brand its difficulty is 3/6

    Created by Vesa TIMONEN. This author has already created several games whose extremely simple design is nevertheless of great complexity of resolution. He is a brilliant author whose other games we encourage you to try.

    Huzzle is the new trade name of the Hanayama brand.

    ARTELUDES Review : Our favorite puzzle from Huzzle. A success that has kept many great puzzle lovers in check for more than 30 minutes! If you had to have only one game from this brand, it would be this one. 

    Additional information

    Weight 150 g
    Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 cm

    TIMONEN Vesa



    Difficulty level

    Level 3

    Type of Puzzle

    Metal Puzzle


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