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    FOUR IN VICE - de Stephane CHOMINE

    A little puzzle that will keep your friends waiting for a long time.



    FOUR IN VICE : A creation by Stéphane CHOMINE produced by ARTELUDES.

    This game was designed by Stephane CHOMINE in 2012. Currently Stephane CHOMINE has created several hundred models, often complex, little or not edited and which are each time a challenge to solve.

    The Four-in-the-Vice is a burr in a mobile cage. This new presentation allows many variations. The cage is made of 2 pieces and it encloses 4 elements. It takes 12 moves to get the first piece out.

    All colors are natural. The woods are only polished and lightly waxed. Here, the woods used are maple or ash.  Other woods are available upon request.

    These games are made by hand. They can present slight defects related to the imperfections of wood which is a natural product but which do not hinder their aestheticism and their operation.

    You will find the presentation of this game on Puzzle Place by following this link

    There are no disassembly or reassembly instructions. Only the BURRTOOLS file will be provided by mail on request..

    Many thanks to Stéphane CHOMINE for his kind permission.  You can find more information about this designer here.


    ARTELUDES Review : We had a few people play this game. The result: it is difficult for a non-enthusiast, who will repeat the same movement sequences for a long time.
    It is easier to undo for a puzzle enthusiast but it will be much more complicated to reassemble.

    Additional information

    Weight 230 g
    Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm



    CHOMINE Stéphane

    Difficulty level

    Level 4

    Type of Puzzle

    Burr, Jeux en bois


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