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    Not a monster, just a burr! A new creation by Alphons EYCKMANS crafted by Maurice VIGOUROUX for ARTELUDES.



    FRANKENSTEIN : A new puzzle from Alphons EYCKMANS  crafted by Maurice VIGOUROUX for ARTELUDES.

    Here is a Burr made of a fixed cage and 18 moving parts. If the general shape of a burr is kept here, their arrangement is not usual. It appears reconstituted ; hence the name of this game: Frankenstein: A burr made with lots of different shaped pieces.

    It takes 98 moves to get all pieces out. So it's a high level game suitable for specialists or those who want a real challenge.

    This puzzle is exclusive to ARTELUDES.

    All colors are natural. The woods are only polished and lightly waxed. Here, Maurice VIGOUROUX has created a version in cherry wood and has also made a few copies in precious exotic woods (mahogany, wenge, heart outside ...) These are sold at a price of 169 euros, thank you for contacting us to know their availability.

    These games are made by hand. They can present slight defects related to the imperfections of wood which is a natural product but which do not hinder their aestheticism and their operation.

    A Burrtool file for disassembly and reassembly is available upon request.

    Many thanks to Alfons EYCKMANS for his kind permission. 


    ARTELUDES Review : Here again Alphons EYCKMANS has created a puzzle of a very high level of complexity. It is to be reserved for experienced amateurs who will be able to appreciate the work of creation and manufacture.

    Additional information

    Weight 350 g
    Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 cm

    EYCKMANS Alfons



    Difficulty level

    Level 8

    Type of Puzzle

    Burr, Jeux en bois


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