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    There are no disassembly or reassembly instructions. Only the BURRTOOLS file will be provided by mail on request.

    A maintenance manual will also be provided so that you can keep this game in good condition for a long time.

    Many thanks to Donald OSSELAER for his kind permission.



    Here is the first Plexiglas puzzle crafted by ARTELUDES: The NATRIUM.

    NATRIUM is the simplest plate burr puzzle created by Donald Osselaer. It is the little brother of Xenon and Fermium (all sold out on ARTELUDES). I will let Donald explain it:

    “I have designed a little brother as an addition to my family of burrs (…) As the naming of my puzzles until now has been with atomic numbers this one of level 11 shall be called NATRIUM.
    It only uses 3 different pieces and as you can see they are very simple pieces. Nontheless it has a unique solution even with one color and it can prove to be a nice challenging puzzle for beginners in this puzzle family and so it’s a perfect puzzle as a step up to the Xenon or Fermium. The moves required are all very simple and logic”

    Unlike the overwhelming majority of computer-designed puzzles, NATRIUM was drawn entirely with paper and pencil, with the software only intervening at the end to check for errors. This process guarantees a challenge that is accessible on a human scale, both intuitive and logical.

    We made it out of the thickest plexiglass we could find so that it would be pleasant to handle and not a miniature game difficult to solve because of its small size.

    All the edges of the plates have been frosted for aesthetic reasons but also to increase the difficulty of the resolution.

    Difficulty to disassemble : 4/10

    Difficulty to reassemble : 4/10

    Additional information

    Weight 0170 g
    Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 cm

    OSSELAER Donald



    Type of Puzzle

    Plastic Puzzle

    Difficulty level

    Niveau 4, Niveau 5


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