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    The most difficult box of the NKD puzzle range.



    The SCRIPTUM CUBE is inspired by the ancient times and more particularly by the Iliad and the Odyssey.
    (That's why you will find on the outside a text in ancient Greek)

    Adventurers, DIY (Do It Yourself) lovers, construction game enthusiasts, this game is for you.

    Each side of the box is a part of a puzzle to solve that will put your neurons on alert.  You'll need cunning, memory and agility to solve it. And will you be able to find the bonus that is hidden inside?

    As an indication, it will take more than 30 minutes for an experienced person to solve it.

    It is an object of imposing size (a cube of more than 15cm of side). Here no micro-box to be taken with care. This box has been thought imposing, adapted to the fingers of an adult and which will leave you a unique experience of resolution and perhaps will give you the opportunity to try to read the Greek ;-).

    The box is in the form of DIY kit. Everything is provided in the kit, even the glue and wax to lubricate the mechanisms. The explanatory booklet is as well done as a Lego box manual, which is quite something. A small stand is even provided with it to show it off.

    This secret box is one of the frist creation of NKD PuzzleThis French company uses for its manufacturing French wood and everything is made in the south of France by a team of enthusiasts.

    ARTELUDES Review : Currently it is the box created by NKD Puzzle that has the highest level of difficulty.  Its design and ornamentation make it an unusual and enigmatic object. Like the other kits of the brand, the assembly is a great satisfaction and it will allow you to have an unusual object to propose to your friends. 

    Additional information

    Weight 1200 g
    Dimensions 320 × 250 × 32 cm

    NKD Puzzle

    Difficulty level

    Level 6

    Type of Puzzle

    Boite à secrets, Jeux en bois


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